MJSC (Pty) Ltd is a B-BBEE Agent with the skills, knowledge and partnerships to address your B-BBEE requirements within the South African market at a cost-effective level. We ensure that your needs are addressed and that you are linked with options to improve your level standings.

We are dedicated to promoting your business and ensuring that you can optimise your business through compliance and meeting your desired end result.

On 01 May 2015, the amended Codes for B-BBEE came into effect, which saw a reduction of the compliance levels. It remains imperative that companies measure themselves in terms of the revised Codes and Pillars to optimize their opportunities within the market. The Codes focus on :

  • Ownership – female ownership is promoted;
  • Management Control – Economic Active Populations considered and included;
  • Skills Development – against EAP targets;
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development – preferential procurement measures; and
  • Socio-Economic Development – a contribution to the growth and support of South African Citizens.