All-Inclusive and Comprehensive Solutions

The Company employs specialists in the respective fields with International and Local Qualifications.

Combined experience exceeds 50-Years in the fields of services

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Our Mission

To establish and become a Consulting Business within the South African boundaries that can be grown and utilised as a sustainable and preferred business for Companies.

To support and assist with sustainable actions on compliance, legislative execution and industrial matters at competitive and affordable prices

To support the Skills Initiative of South Africa through promotion of skills development and creations of jobs through recruitment and mentoring services.

Our Vision

To become a market leader within 5 years of establishment, that will be a corporate business partner to businesses within South Africa, being a competitor in the field of consulting to businesses of all sizes and building a sustainable business that continues to grow for years to come.

Our Aim

Is to comply and promote legislative regulations which includes the effective management of services and support provided to clients, throughout the lifecycle of an employee and the operations of the Company.

To contribute as a market leader to the fields of expertise providing the youth of South Africa with sustainable employment opportunities and contributing positively to the economic growth of South Africa in the long run, which is affordable at competitive rates and provide the client with optional services.

Why Choose Us?

We will put at your business disposal all skills and knowledge in areas that you need, at affordable prices, through audits, proposals and implementation standards as set out in Legislation and through understanding your business needs - so that your business achieves its goals and objectives.
We strengthen the relationship between stakeholders and ensure that the business operates within legislative stipulations and ensures that the business functions optimally with a workforce that is compliant and focus on objects rather than administrative issues.